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question de 1 à 5

The agreement between the two countries will not be announced ------------------ the election. :

Neither Antonio -------------------- an invitation to the wedding?I have lost my pen. ------------- I borrow yours? :

Ford Motor Company reported a drop ----------- quarterly profits. :

The Company was -------------- by an immigrant. :

The price of oil has ------------------ dramatically since the beginning of the year. :

question de 6 à 10

City hall is ------------- the corner of the street. :

According to the revised schedule, the manufacturing conference will begin at 9.00am ----- 8.00am. :

Maya Byun --------------- by the executive team to head the new public relations department. :

Zoticos Clothing Inc., has acquired two other retail companies as part of a plan to expand -------------- Europe and Asia. :

For 30 years Big Top Prop Company has been the premier -------------- of circus equipment for troupes around the world. :

question de 11 à 15

Chris Cantifield was -------------- the outstanding candidates considered for Thomas Award for exceptional police service. :

The seminar will be attended -------- professionals in the food service industry. :

All staff members should log in to their time and labour ------------- daily to record their hours worked. :

Diane Watanabe, ------------- currently heads the Los Angeles branch, began her career here in Tokyo. :

The band they chose for the ------------ was unknown but very talented. :

question de 16 à 20

There has been strong competition; ------------ the new company has made great profits. :

If there --------- better communication, I would not resign. :

------------------ the critics and answer their questions. :

Since 1990, our customers ------------ with our service. :

In order to make more money, Mr Garcia has decided to ------------ a second job. :

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